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A plain crossed by the Tagus

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The council of Montijo became much closer to Lisbon after Vasco da Gama Bridge was erected. Its history and everyday life have always been deeply influenced by the Tagus river. This relation fostered a significant growth that became more significant in recent years. The municipality was converted in a satellite city of Lisbon, however there is still a deeply rural area (“charneca”). Human presence in the region dates back to Palaeolithic times. Here you will also find beautiful churches prior to the council’s founding. It was called “Aldeia Galega” until 1930. Due to its location by the river, the region offers many fish-based specialities, such as fish stew à fisherman; fried eels with mashed bread and grilled river fish. After a nice meal, visitors must digest while walking along the well-preserved riverside front, offering good views over Lisbon and the Tagus estuary. The Agricultural Museum of Quinta da Atalaia and Montijo Municipal Museum deserve a closer look, whose heritage tells the century-old (hi)story of these lands.


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