Mora and Avis Tour

A drive that explores the transition zone between the Ribatejo and the Alentejo, along the Maranhão dam, and visiting what has become the great attraction of the region: the Fluviário de Mora.

This circuit starting and ending in Mora traverses an extension of some 200 km, but since it is a fairly flat road with no traffic, the journey does not become too lengthy. Once in Mora, by the road that surrounds the town, follow the signs to "Fluviário". Opened just over a year, it presents reproductions of habitats specific to Portuguese rivers and attracts a great many visitors. Follow the secondary road to Cabeção and then turn right and take the National road in the direction of Pavia. See the curious anta-chapel and proceed to Avis. Both roads are quiet, up and down slightly according to the topography of the land. The high walls of Avis castle begin to be visible in the distance and give us an idea of the prestige of this military order, from which would emerge the founder of the Second Dynasty, King John I. It is worth to stop the car and get around the historic district, discovering all the nooks and old memories.




The exit to the north in the direction of Alter, is made along the extensive and tranquil lagoon of Maranhão. In Alter do Chão is worth seeing the castle, downtown, and have stroll to and from the small picturesque village of Alter Pedroso, 5 km away, from where you will enjoy a splendid view over the meadow. Returning to Alter, the visit to the Royal Stud where the Lusitano horse breed is improved, can be an extension of the ride. Proceed north to Crato, also with remains of a castle, and then, to the Monastery of Flor da Rosa, now adapted as an Inn. From Crato, follow westwards by the secondary road after Aldeia da Mata, via Cunheira, where you turn southward, passing the Torre das Vargens station and continuing in the same direction until the junction, on the right, on the road to Ponte de Sor. The return to Mora, once left behind Ponte de Sor, follows the banks of the Montargil lagoon amidst quiet landscapes. These waters are frequently visited by lovers of various sports, as you will easily understand.






Access: By EN251 to Mora.


To have into account: The visit to Fluviário depending on the season, may require some waiting time; you can take advantage of this to visit the nearby Parque do Açude do Gameiro.


Length: Some 180 km.


Meals: Sal e Brasas (T. 243 618 319) and Choupo (T. 243 618 875), in Coruche; O Afonso (T. 266 403 166), Mora.


Other spots to visit: Cabeço de Vide SPA; Alter Studs.

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