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Mora is the northmost council’s headquarters of Évora district, situated in the left margin of Raia river, in the middle of the heath full of cork oaks. This territory has been inhabited since Pre-Historic times, still preserving several dolmens and Megalithic monuments, reasonably well preserved. Worth mentioning is Pavia dolmen, a council’s highlight and one of the biggest in the Iberian Peninsula. The date of the municipality’s creation remains uncertain, however in 1211 this territory was donated to Calatrava Order (that would later become Avis Order) that was on the basis of a demographic increase. Mora received the “foral” (Royal document) from D. Manuel I in 1519. Manuel Ribeiro de Paiva Museum House deserves our attention, assembling the painter’s artistic heritage and promoting his legacy. Brotas is a typical village of Alentejo region, situated in this council, whose houses form an amphitheatre. It has also a small 16th century white hermitage dedicated to Our Lady, in memory of a miraculous apparition to a farmer. The Fluviário is the most recent acquisition of the municipality, attracting already thousands of visitors every year. It is located five minutes away by car from the town, and it can be reached by a derivation of the road to Montargil. The Fluviário perfectly recreates several ecosystems of a Portuguese river, from the river depths to waterfalls.


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