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Natural treasure

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Crossed by Mortágua river, this council named after the river, is situated in a long fertile plain, which has shaped the rural identity of the municipality. Wooden granaries, olive oil press rooms, caster wheel and windmills are some of the vestiges left by ancient agricultural communities that declined in recent years. Nevertheless, part of the population still work in the fields. Nature is region’s greatest treasure and this council covers one of the biggest forest areas in the country. Besides, it also offers the beauty and the tranquillity of Aguieira dam, where you will find a beautiful river beach. Among town’s heritage, it is worth highlighting a 16th century pillory, the main church and the Sanctuary of São Salvador do Mundo built upon a former fort hill, offering a beautiful view over the surrounding landscape. In terms of handicraft, the red pottery of Gândara became famous, as well as wickerwork basket ware made in Pala village. In terms of local gastronomy, we recommend goat meat (“chanfana”), sweet rice and “bolo de cornos” served with famous Dão wine produced in the region.


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