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Situated in the left Guadiana riverbank, the meeting point of Brenhas and Levandeiras river streams, tributary rivers of Ardila, Moura’s council has two different zones: in the south and west, a plain full of olive trees and wheat; in the east, cultivated lands are continuingly replaced by an uneven schist soil covered by oaks and gum rockroses (Adiça mountain range has a maximum altitude of 520m). There are many testimonies of human presence since Pre-Historic times. Only in 1295 was Moura integrated within national territory. In 1988, it became a city. A battlement in rammed earth dating back to the Almohad epoch has remained from the Islamic fortress of the council’s headquarters. The wall was rebuilt in the end of the 13th century, and later reinforced under D. Manuel I ruling and Restoration War. However, it was partially destroyed during the Spanish Succession War. Moura’s olive oil is famous and the council is included in a specified are of swine and bovine breeding of Alentejo region, “mertolenga” meat and Alentejo honey. The table water (Água do Castelo) is bottled here in Pisões. The estate Herdade da Contenda (5000 ha) has the greatest deer reserve in the country.


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