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Land of boat people

Murtosa is a council that includes four civil parishes, situated next to one of the arms of Aveiro ria (drowned river valley). Itused to be a colony of fishermen who mainly came from Eastern Mediterranean and North Europe. Since immemorial times, its population has lived from fishing and collecting the so-called “moliço” (underwater vegetation used as natural fertiliser). This work was carried out in region’s typical wooden boats, the “moliceiros”. In 1926, Murtosa became council’s headquarters, due to the regional agricultural and economic development. The fishermen’s village of Torreira beach with its typical “palheiros” (literally, straw lofts) is worth visiting. It is located 10km away from Murtosa. São Paio da Torreira feast, celebrated on September 8th, is one of the most popular processions in the region. The traditional regatta of “moliceiros” boats, ornamented for this special occasion, is absolutely remarkable.


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