Suggestions in this region 7 Regions CENTRO DÃO-LAFÕES NELAS
Igreja de Canas de Senhorim
Capela de s. Sebastião
Fonte no Carvalhal Redondo
Escola do Ensino Básico do Carvalhal Redondo
Igreja Matriz do Carvalhal Redondo
Largo de St.º António
Nicho em granito - Canas de Senhorim
Estação Ferroviária
Rua do Fonte do Carvalhal Redondo


Therapeutic waters and excellent wines

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Situated at the extremity of Viseu plateau and crossed by the valleys of Dão and Mondego rivers, the council of Nelas presents a landscape full of green pine forests and by far-reaching vineyards, where the famous wines of the Specified Dão Wine Region are produced. Among the must-visit places, we highlight the main church of Canas de Senhorim that has preserved the Joanine façade, the pillory and manor houses (such as Casa do Soito). You should also draw your attention to some other places spread throughout the council, such as Santar still preserving medieval characteristics and Canas de Senhorim, with its elegant church situated in a square full of history. The mining locality Urgeiriça is located approximately one km away from this town, standing out as an important uranium mine, once explored by the English concessionary enterprise. Natural heritage is another attraction of the municipality; the Ecological Park Quinta da Cerca that organises environmental initiatives and provides radical sport venues and the modern Felgueira thermal stations, famous for the quality of its medicinal waters, explored since the Roman era.


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