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Dreamlike beaches


Odemira town is located in-between Cabeça Gorda and Pinheiros mountains, in a 50m high fertile soil, by the riverbanks of Mira river. This river peacefully flows from Odemira (born in Caldeirão mountain, 85km long extension) to the sea, in Vila Nova de Milfontes. It is the biggest council in the country, in terms of area, offering a quite diversified landscape, from plains to mountains, from rivers and reservoirs to the sea and beaches. It has been inhabited since Pre-Roman times. One of the major highlights of this council is the beaches, integrated in Alentejo Southeast Nature Park and in Costa Vicentina. All over the coast, there are small inlets covered by intensely coloured cliffs. Some of them are quite renowned (Vila Nova de Milfontes, Zambujeira do mar or Almograve), while others are desert beaches, very hard to reach. Both fauna and flora form an harmonious whole. There are fountains of non drinking water throughout the coastal line. Its gastronomy is rich and imaginative, due to its location by the sea and the river. Regional handicraft is famous for its skilful pieces. In September, Nossa Senhora da Piedade feasts give a new light to this town.


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