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Heritage and blessed sweets


Despite being one of Portugal’s most recent councils, Odivelas has kept very ancient vestiges of human presence, such as Pedras Grandes and Batlhas dolmens, Amoreira fort hill or the Roman findings in Póvoa de Santo Adrião. However, the great developer of this territory was King D. Dinis who has left here a vast heritage and cultural legacy, namely S. Dinis Monastery, where he is buried. For many years, this religious monument was the house of Bernardas nuns, who often broke their chastity vow, because of the Royal “visits”. Nonetheless, they made excellent sweets and Odivelas convent sweet specialities became very popular, such as toucinho-do-céu (typical sugar and egg-based sweet) or marmelade. Agricultural farms of this fertile region are also now part of the past, replaced by several quarters that have covered the landscape, with some of the former mills that produced bread flour here and there.


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