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Praia de Paimogo, Lourinhã
Campo de golfe, Óbidos
Buddha Eden Garden, Bombarral
Termas do Vimeiro - balneário da Fonte dos Frades
Praia do Baleal, Peniche
Rua Direita, Vila medieval de Óbidos
Paisagem da serra de Montejunto, Cadaval
Alenquer, vila-presépio
Charrete no Parque D Carlos I, Caldas da Rainha


A sea of hills where you can play golf

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This coastal area located north from Lisbon comprises cliffs and Atlantic beaches around the limestone massif of Montejunto, forming a waving area of hills and valleys in almost all its length. In the north, it is delimited by the limestone massif of Aire and Candeeiros Mountains and by the green zone of Leiria woods. In the south, it meets the irrigated lands of Tagus valley, ideal for agriculture.  This region produces excellent wines, such as Alenquer, Torres Vedras and Gaeiras wines and fruits of exceptional quality, like the pear "Pêra Rocha do Oeste" with Protected Designation of Origin.

Cities and towns with history

Cities and towns are filled with history, especially the Medieval town of Óbidos, surrounded by walls. The Thermal Park and the historical centre of Caldas da Rainha are also very interesting, as well as the forts of Torres Vedras that fought back the 3rd French Invasion in 1810. The defences of Peniche port are also worth highlighting, standing out as a strategic point of Portuguese coastline, which is nowadays a fishing and leisure centre, namely for surf and similar sports.


The natural landscape presents a remarkable diversity with unique places, highly valuable in terms of environment, such as the Natural Reserve of the Berlengas Archipelago (European Biogenetic Reserve), one hour away from Peniche by boat trip; a very beautiful cliffy coast with beaches like Santa Cruz, Peniche, Foz do Arelho or São Martinho do Porto. The Óbidos Lagoon, placed between this medieval village and the Atlantic, deserves a special attention.


From gastronomy to golf

The sea flavours can be tasted in the restaurants of Peniche and Lourinhã/Porto de Barcas. The convent influence of the diversified offer of sweet specialities: "trouxas de ovos" (rich egg) and "cavacas" cracknel of Caldas da Rainha, Alfeizerão sponge cakes and bean pastries of Torres Vedras. This far-reaching territory covers one of the greatest wine producing regions of Portugal - the Route of the Vineyard and the West Wine. Handicraft is a world apart, the most important works being the ceramics of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro in Caldas da Rainha or the typical "bilros" laceworks of Peniche.


The West is also a promising golf destination, offering several golf courses and related infrastructures. It provides good conditions for practicing many adventure and open-air sports. A huge Cultural and Congress Centre opened in 2008 in Caldas da Rainha.


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