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Natural heritage

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Situated in a green mountain zone, Oleiros is a privileged place for getting close to nature. Whether in Winter, when snow covers the forests of eucalyptus and pine trees in a breathtaking show, or in Summer, enjpying pleasant river beaches or the pure waters of Pêro Beques river stream, where we can find barbells, trouts and picarels. Agriculture is its main economical activity, along with resin and soft drinks industries. It rich gastronomy offers quite suggestive dishes, such as “papa-laberça”, Oleiros kid or “entulho” soup. In terms of historical heritage, some of the many churches and chapels along the council’s villages, such as main church or Misericórdia church are worth mentioning. The beautiful village Álvaro is situated a few kilometres away from the council’s headquarters, standing out for its rich landscape of winding slopes stretching along Zêzere river.


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