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Parque Natural da Ria Formosa
Parque Natural da Ria Formosa
Igreja Matriz
Igreja Matriz
Barcos na Ria
Compromisso Marítimo
Parque Natural da Ria Formosa
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Poço de Quelfes


Embraced by the “ria”

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This city is situated in a small peninsula of the coastline turned to the Ria Formosa and embraced by a sandy beach. The name “Olhão” derives from a thick water spring that supplied the population. The quarter of fishermen and sea people with its white houses and typical terraced is one of the trade marks of the city. If you are travelling by train or by car you will see the strong image of the city, as well as the salt ponds. On Saturday, the trip to Olhão will be even more special, because the fair takes place on this week day filling up the coastal avenue of Olhão next two other city’s landmarks: two recently and carefully renewed Neo-Arab markets. Here you will find the most diversified and rich fish and seafood varieties, as well as vegetables and fruit. In the fair, there is plenty of handicraft products, as well as strawberry tree spirit, copies of trade mark clothing, tools, furnitures and everything you can possibly imagine to buy. Once a year the city also organises the famous Seafood Festival, attracting thousands of visitors. Council’s economy is mainly based on fishing, for the port of Olhão is the second of the country in terms of fish sales-volume. But the region also produces citrus fruits, strawberries, flowers and wine. Embraced by the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, this council has an interesting “ria” (drowned river valley) with high landscape interest, along with the Armona islands stretching the typical fishing land Fuseta and Culatra until Faro, reaching the southern-most spot of the mainland – the lighthouse of Cape Santa Maria.


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