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History and Nature

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In the left margin of Vouga river, Oliveira de Frades breaths history and tradition. The council has Pre-Historic monuments, such as Pedras Benfeitas revealing peculiar fooprints of men and animals, the Arca and Antelhas dolmens, both of them were classified National Monuments. The Antelhas dolmen is even regarded as a jewel of European rock art thanks to a set of paintings, which are over 5 thousand years-old. The main testimonies of the Roman era are the pavement and some milestones. King D. Afonso Henriques also passed by these lands. He actually gave the donation letter to Santa Cruz friars (“frades” in Portuguese), and the city was named after them. In terms of heritage, we highlight ancient manor houses and noble residences, 14th century Alcofra Tower, the Church of Souto de Lafões with Romanic vestiges and the ruins of the Monastery of São Cristóvão de Lafões, which was founded in the 12th century. These monuments are definetly worth-visiting, but if you have little time you can always visit the interesting Municipal Museum of Oliveira de Frades. However the council is also rich in terms of nature, as shown by the Gânadara Forest Park, one of the biggest forest reserves in the country – and Vouga River Park located in the riverbanks.


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