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Oliveira do Hospital is council’s headquarters and includes 21 civil parishes. This 508m high council is located at the foothills of Estrela mountain, in a forest area of Cavalos river. Dona Teresa donated this ancient land to the knights of Hospital Order. In 1514, it received the “foral” (Royal document) and in 1993, it became a city. In present day, Oliveira do Hospital keeps its major monuments around the Municipal Garden. The most ancient church is Santa Cruz main church, founded upon Ferreiros Chapel, a 13th century Roman-Gothic temple. Country’s biggest lime tree can be found in the churchyard. It is over 25m high and 4m in diameter. Next to the church, you will find the 18th century Town Hall building and on the opposite side, Santa Ana Chapel, an 18th century construction. Bobadela is located 3 km west, presenting several vestiges of a Luso-Roman city. 15th and 17th century houses can be found in Avô next to Alva river. Aldeias das Dez is a typical rural village with granitic houses and straw lofts spread throughout the mount. Nossa Senhora das Preces sanctuary is situated here. It becomes crowded with many pilgrims on the first July Sunday.


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