On the way to the windward side

A journey through the Lagos branch line, between Tunes and that city, which allows to enjoy the sights of the orange groves of Silves and the marshes and lagoons of the beautiful Ria de Alvor.

Tunes is the great railway junction of the Algarve, where the line coming from Lisbon forks in its main branch, to Faro and Vila Real, leaving an extension that goes in the direction of Lagos. The trip takes less than an hour and allows to enjoy an interesting series of landscapes of the Algarve. Until the station of Silves the train will go by relatively high grounds and away from the sea, amidst vast fields of orange trees, crossed by irrigation aqueducts and dotted with traditional houses - this being features of Algarve that little have changed in recent decades. The route between the hills hides from us the view over the red walls of Silves. This city is about 3 km north of the station, so if you want to stop your train ride here, you should consider another means of transport. From here the train will begin to roll southwesterly to meet the sea. By the window you can seen the picturesque outline of Estômbar, with the white towers of its church standing out in the distance. Then, you'll get closer to the estuary of Arade and Portimão. The train will go through a long viaduct, apparently sliding on quite waters, on the way to the station. On arrival at the station, a glimpse of the new riverside area of Portimão, will invite a stroll. A few miles till the end of the journey and nevertheless the best is yet to come. First, the line skirts the north of the Ria de Alvor, letting you see, by the left window, a landscape of canals and lagoons, with the beach in the background. Soon after, the train starts moving, while in the distance Lagos is becoming increasingly evident, dominated in its top by the towers of the Church of São Sebastião, and near the mouth of the stream Bensafrim, by the mass of Forte da Bandeira. The rail station houses an interesting railway museum (check locally the days and hours of access) and if you feel like walking, have a stroll through the lively and cosmopolitan marina, on your way to Lagos marginal road, where there is much to see. Access By Algarve Lone, EN125 or Via do Infante until Tunes station, north of Albufeira. To take into account The station of Lagos is 15 minutes walking distance from the city. You may take a cab or cross the marina on foot. Others You may interrupt the tour to visit Silves. In this case you will need a taxi or other transport between the station and the city. Meals Reis (T. 282762900), São Roque (T. 282792101) and Comidinha (T. 282782857), in Lagos. Other spots to visit Igreja de Santo António and Forte da Bandeira, in Lagos.

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