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The city of tiles

Ovar is council’s headquarters, comprising eight civil parishes. It is situated in the north extreme of Aveiro ria (drowned river valley). The first documental reference to Ovar dates back to 922, but it was not until 1514 that it received the “foral” letter (Royal document). Ovar became a city in 1984, currently known as “The Museum-City of Tile”. The most ancient ones date back to the 18th century. Its development was fuelled by both the proximity with the sea and the ria and the fertility of its soil. Pottery is one of its major traditions, along with yokes’ and wooden miniature boats. The most important feats are Terceiros procession (on the second Lent Sunday) and Passos procession (on the fourth Lent Sunday). Carnival feasts enjoy huge recognition. Organised since 1952, Ovar Carnival is the major tourism event of the region, attracting thousands of visitors every year.


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