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Ponte Antiga do Bustelo
Igreja Românica da S. Salvado
Mosteiro do Bustelo
Igreja de S. Miguel de Entre os Rios
Igreja Matriz de Boelhe
Igreja do Mosteiro do Paço de Sousa
Lago do Parque da Cidade
Edifício da Quinta da Avelada
Castro do Monte Mozinho


Faithful to history and traditions


Penafiel benefits from a strategic location at the top of a small elevation over the margins of Sousa and Tâmega rivers, tributary rivers of Douro river, as well as over the road connecting Porto to Vila Real. This region has been inhabited for a long time, due to its location and to abundant waters. There are many vestiges of Pre-Roman (fort hills) and Roman settlements in the municipality. The name “Penafiel” was given later, which was the result of a legendary episode related to the Christian Conquer evoking the heroic resistance of the old Pena castle. In terms of built heritage, the most striking mark is granite, used in both popular and refined constructions. Romanic churches spread throughout the council (S. Gens, Entre-os-Rios, Gândara, and so on) are also very important. However in the city the Renaissance style Main Church and the Sancturay of Piedade are the most relevant monuments, the later presenting an unusual mixture of Byzantine and Neo-Gothic styles. This council has a rich gastronomy, ant it also became famous for the quality of the green wine produced in “quintas” full of tradition and tranquillity, such as Quinta da Aveleda, where you should visit the manor house and the gardens.


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