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The Iberian-lynx refuge

Beautiful picturesque Penamacor village is set upon a 588m high wavy rock formation in the middle of Malcata and Gardunha mountains, in the left bank of Pônsul river. Several people, such as the Turduli, the Romans, the Goths and the Arabs, inhabited this territory. It was given the first “foral” (Royal document) in 1209 by King D. Sancho I. The master of Templar Order D. Gualdim Pais was in charge of the village fortress building (in the 12th century), playing a major role in the border defence since the country’s foundation. Until recent years, almost the whole population lived from agriculture, producing wine, olive oil, cork and breeding cattle. More recently, new industries of agricultural products’ transformation and marble have emerged in this council. Worth highlighting in terms of historical heritage is the main church, Misericórdia church, the castle or the watchtower. The council also offers good conditions for fishing and other nautical sports in both Meimoa dam and Baságueda river stream. However, one of the major highlights of Penamacor is Malcata Mountain Nature Reserve (based in the town) that shelters the almost extinct Iberian-lynx, as well as other animals such as the wolf, the fox or the otter.


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