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Penela town is council’s headquarters, including 6 civil parishes. It is situated in the left bank of Corvo river, a tributary river of Ceira. The village has evolved within the ancient Rabaçal castle, built upon a cliff, wherefrom one has a beautiful panoramic view over the region. In 1137, Penela was given the first “foral” (Royal document) by the hands of D. Afonso Henriques. Handmade Rabaçal cheese (produced in Rabaçal village), nuts, honey, wine, limestone and wood are the main products of the region. It is a territory with a lot of potential in terms of tourism, due to its typical villages, its diversified landscape and historical and cultural heritage. S. Miguel church is located inside the castle walls, and it was concluded in 1420. 5km east from Penela, you will find Espinhal town with very interesting spots such as Pedra Ferida waterfalls, Azinheira river stream, the Fojo views in Relvas heights and Ferraria ceiling (864m high). Rabaçal Roman Villa is located in a hillside, comprised in the former “civitas” next to the Roman path that connected Olisipo to Bacara Augusta. The Human-shaped motifs depicted in the mosaics, as well as some compositions with geometrical and plant elements are almost unique in the genre.


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