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Torre do Castelo de Pinhel
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Living history

Situated in Marofa Mountain at an altitude of 600m next to the left riverbank of Côa river, Pinhel was given its first “foral” (Royal document) by the hands of King D. Afonso Henriques. This locality played a major role during independence battles. It is an essentially rural council of spacious lands and fertile fields, whose main riches are agriculture and livestock breeding. It has a typical quality wine production, for the council includes a specified wine region. There are may pine trees here. That is why the municipality was named “Pinhel”. Rich in natural heritage, the city has kept important historical and cultural vestiges, namely the castle with its high towers offering an excellent panorama over the skyline of Marofa Mountain; the High Douro region and the waving fields stretching through Spain. The former 18th century Town Hall building, now converted in the municipal museum, as well as 16th century Misericórdia Church with an interesting Gothic portal deserve a special attention. Besides, a part of the council covers the Archaeological Park of Côa Valley, classified by UNESCO World Heritage Site. On September 8th, Pinhel celebrates the feasts in honour of Santa Eufémia, one of the most important religious processions in the region.


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