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Ponte em Ponte da Barca
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Castelo do Lindoso
Espigueiros do Soajo
Espigueiros do Linidoso
Moinhos do Germil


The boat of Lima riverbanks

Ideally located over the Lima river, the name “Ponte da Barca” derives from the boat (in Portuguese, “barca”) that transported from one margin to the other the Santiago pilgrims. Nowadays, this town proudly presents a bridge built in the 15th century, a trademark of this peaceful land. This town has many beautiful monuments: the pillory, Town Hall building and the main church (18th century) dedicated to John the Baptist, as well as many palace-like houses. As you travel around the civil parishes of the council, it is worth highlighting the imposing Lindoso castle, offering a view over a great dam in the borderline between Portugal and Spain. In this typical village, community-based traditions still prevail, as well as one of the most famous granary fields of Minho region covered by granite rocks and a beautiful Calvary. In Bravães, you will find an ancient monastery, an important example of Romanic architecture, while in Feverença you should visit a beautiful 20m high waterfall. In terms of local gastronomy, you can not afford to miss famous local specialities: goat meat à Germil, rice “arroz de cabidela” or typical fried meat specialities “rojões”.


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