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Igreja Românica da Ribeira
Igreja de St.º António - Torre Velha
Fachada do Solar de Bertiandos
Casa Antiga
Ponte Medieval e Praia Fluvial
Nicho de Ponte de Lima
Paços do Marquês de Ponte de Lima
Museu do Carro e do Cavalo
Festejos Populares em Ponte Lima


The oldest town in Portugal

The name of this town (“Ponte de Lima” literally meaning “Bridge of Lima River”) well reveals how important the Medieval Roman bridge was for the development of this millenary town located by Lima River. Romans called it “Lethe” river, meaning the river of forgetfulness. From then on this town was destroyed many times. In the 19th century, most part of the walls built by King D. Pedro in 1359 were shattered. The Medieval town built next to these fortresses was replaced by an urban centre that grew by the river. Still, the land knew how to preserve historical memories and the architectural design of the past, standing out as an example of renewal and urban planning recognised by the European Union Special Award for Architectural Heritage Renewal. It is worth walking along the labyrinth of streets in the historical centre and to discover each one of its monuments, such as the main church founded in the 15th century. Afterwards, visitors must cross the bridge to the other margin and contemplate the whole beauty of the town, considered by many people one of the most beautiful of the north of the country. If you visit Ponte de Lima in September, you will be part of the entertainment programme of the municipality. In the surroundings of council’s headquarters, you must visit the Monastery of Refóios de Lima and especially the manor house Solar de Bertiandos, an outstanding noble building. Nothing compares to the feeling of sleeping in a charming manor houses, for Ponte de Lima is proud to be the crib of Tourism in a Manor House in Portugal.


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