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In the middle of two dams

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Situated in the borderline of Ribatejo and Alentejo regions, Ponte de Sôr is an essentially agricultural council. Cattle breeding, olive and cork production provide important revenues. It is one of the less populated zones of Central and South Portugal. It is possible to travel many miles without seeing one or two “quintas”. In recent years, several rural tourism houses were created in this region, probably because of the soil characteristics and the rest provided to its guests. Some of them are hunting-oriented, while others focus on riding sports or pure and plain leisure. The council’s territory is basically limited by two reservoirs: Montargil and Maranhão, located in the neighbour Avis council. Located in the middle of Sôr river stream (that flows to Raia river, forming Sorraia river, a tributary river of the left bank of Tejo), Montargil dam, mainly conceived for agricultural purposes, has created a vast reservoir. Nowadays, it is an area ideal for leisure, fishing and nautical sports that attracts many visitors.


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