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Castelo de Portalegre - vista para a Sé
Jardim do Tarro
Pormenor - parede
Criança a chamar os pombos na praça central
Palácio Amarelo
Casa-Museu José Régio
Convento de S. Bernardo
Castelo de Alegrete
Tapeçarias de Portalegre


Multi-storeyed city

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José Régio, who lived here many years, has described Portalegre as “a city surrounded by mountains, winds, cliffs, olive trees and cork oaks”. The memory of this author is remembered in a Museum-House. It is also a multi-storey city, plain in the south and mountainous in the north. Its ancient houses crowd up the hill towards the Medieval castle. The most modern quarters develop on both sided of the hill. It is said that Portalegre was funded by the Romans upon an important road connection, the meeting point of the vast Alentejo plain with São Mamede mountain. Due to its geographical location, Portalegre has suffered many attacks and troubled situations. The castle was built in the 500m high hill, whose remains of the ruling period of D. Afonso III can still be seen today. It replaces the walls that were destroyed in the sequence of Christian Conquer. The King gave it the “foral” (Royal document) in 1259, mentioning the name “Portus Alacer” that would originate “Portalegre”. The city has plenty to offer, either 16th and 17th century manor houses and churches or even some examples of modern architecture, namely Carrilho da Graça, who was born here. The imposing green landscapes of S. Mamede mountain are right in the surroundings, inviting to a walk in this unexpectedly green and mountainous Alentejo. The neighbour fortified towns Marvão and Castelo de Vide are worth highlighting. The famous cross country competition, the most ancient in the country, is annually held in November in Portalegre. Jeeps and motorcycles are enclosed in the fair area (NERPOR).


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