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Torre do Castelo
Castelo da Póvoa do Lanhoso
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Igreja - Vista gerla
Igreja da Sr.ª do Pilar
Igreja do Sr. do Horto
Fachada de Casa


Between mountains and rivers

In the surroundings of Gerês mountain, Póvoa de Lanhoso council is located between the left riverbank of Cávado and the right margin of Ave river. It is set in the middle of Carvalho mountain and S. Mamede mountain, offering a beautiful viewpoint. Lanhoso castle, a landmark of Christian Conquer, is the main historical reference of the region. D. Teresa, mother of D. Afonso Henriques, set up here defence against the siege of her sister D. Urraca, Queen of Léon. In 1846, began the Maria da Fonte Revolution in the civil parish Fonte da Arcada, in form of a protest against a centralised power. The three most important economical activities of the region are agriculture, gold and silver work and granite exploration. Council’s Feasts on March 19th and Senhora do Porto procession, on the first September Sunday are worth highlighting.


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