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Lagoa do Fogo
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Parque Terra Nostra - Entrada
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Parque Terra Nostra - Lago
Parque Terra Nostra - Piscina


The land of the “furnas”

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Surrounded by seven hills, the town of Povoação is situated at the eastern-most zone of the south coast of the island in the lands that welcomed the first settlers of São Miguel who came from the mainland. The council is called “island’s barn”, due to its great cereal planting tradition. However, its biggest attractions are the natural beauties and phenomena, especially in the thermal station of Furnas. Here you will find the famous steaming “caldeiras” and the geysers, unique phenomena of the Azores. One of the most famous dishes of the Azores, the Furnas stew, can be tasted here. This dish takes 5 hours to be cooked in a pot buried under the hot soil. Due to volcanic activity, this region has 22 different mineral medicinal waters (indicated for the treatment of bronchitis and skin diseases, for instance), presenting the main water diversity in the world. One of the most fantastic places in the Furnas is the Terra Nostra Park, considered by many (such as Condé Nast Travel magazine) one of the most beautiful places in the world. Covering a 12 ha area, this park presents plenty of vegetation, as well as hot water pool of yellowish colour, because it contains iron. The water of Ribeira Quente beach is also unusually hot, situated in a bay of underwater thermal water springs. A final note to the beautiful views that can be reached from this council, namely from the 760 m high Salto do Cavalo Viewpoint.


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