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Edifício dos Paços do Concelho
Igreja Matriz de St.ª Cruz
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Museu do Vinho
Gruta das Pombas
Piscinas Naturais dos Biscoitos
Piscinas Naturais dos Biscoitos
Piscinas Naturais dos Biscoitos


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Located on the west coast of Terceira Island, Praia da Vitória was originally called Vila da Praia, but it was later named “Praia da Vitória” (literally “ the victory beach”) after the absolutism supporting troops were prevented to ship off in the island during the battle of 1829, won by the armada of the liberal forces. Island's capital until 1474, the village grew around a large bay with a white sand beach, stretching from the Fort of Espírito Santo in Ponta do Facho to the south of Ponta de São João. After experiencing several earthquakes, the land still presents a rich architectural heritage, especially the Main Church of Santa Cruz, built in the 15th century, the hospital complex, Misericórdia Church and Town hall building. The house where prestigious Azores-born writer was born and lived, Vitorino Nemésio, is also worth visiting. At the edge of the council you will find the Biscoitos civil parish, one of the best bathing areas of the island, thanks to its natural pools of volcanic origin. There is also here an interesting Wine Museum, dedicated to the production of the region and of the rest of the archipelago. In the interior rises Cume mountain, offering a view over an extremely beautiful landscape and a patchwork of green fields separated by small stone walls. In terms of pure beauty, we highlight the Natural Reserve of Alagoa da Fajãzinha, which is also a beautiful viewpoint over the coastal cliffs and the extinct lava fields.


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