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Freguesia da Ribeira Brava
Freguesia de Campenário
Freguesia de Campenário
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Freguesia da Ribeira Brava
Marina do Lugar de Baixo
Freguesia da Ribeira Brava


A small sunny town embraced by the sea

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The village of Ribeira Brava is located in the south coast of Madeira, dating back to 1440. Its name derives from a river which rises 327 meters above sea level, whose waters wildly poured down to the sea, spotted for the first time by João Gonçalves Zarco. As far as panoramic views are concerned, this council offers visitors two viewpoints: the São Sebastião viewpoint, where you can observe the beautiful Atlantic coast and council’s headquarters, and Cruz Viewpoint, overlooking Ribeira Brava and Ponta do Sol as well as the mountain peaks of the Campanário civil parish and Fajã das Ovelhas. In terms of cultural heritage, you should visit 16th century Main Church of São Bento, presenting a beautiful painting that depicts St. Benedict and St. Bernard and a Flemish image of Our Lady Nossa Senhora da Rosário. Moreover, its is also worth highlighting Madeira Ethnographic Museum, housed in the manor house Solar de São José, a former industrial complex used for sugar cane milling, as well as the manor house Solar dos Herédias, which is now the town hall, a building in neoclassical style that fits the architectural complexo f yhe Madeira quinta. We will also find here São Bento Fort or Ribeira Brava Fort, built in the beginning of the 18th century by Governor Duarte Sodré Pereira. This was a former prision and it is now the tourism office.


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