Route of the Southwest Alentejo

All the secrets of the Alentejo coast, between Sines and Odeceixe, through the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and the Vicentina Coast, almost always with the sea in sight.

Quit the road south to Sines, diverging as early as SãoTorpes to the road leading to Porto Covo, always with the sea in sight. Visit Porto Covo and head to the Ilha do Pessegueiro, a maritime fortress that defended this coast. The secondary road that follows the coast southwards gives access, to the right, to several beautiful beaches, almost untouched by man, from Ribeira da Azenha to Malhão. If there is not much traffic, it is worth going to the mouth of the Mira River and then up to the fishing port just north of Milfontes. The views of the sea and the river will be more than rewarding. Resume the road to the south but not for long since after some 10 km, you should turn right onto one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, Almograve. it is divided into two parts: a beach in the middle of rocky cliffs on the north and further south, a shore surrounded by high multicoloured dunes. From here you may proceed to Cape Sardão, without having to go to the main road, just following the signs to Cavaleiro.



One of the most remarkable points of this coast, with cliffs of shale, islets and lines of sand descending steeply into the sea. If you have a 4X4 car, you can proceed southwards till the entrance of Zambujeira do Mar. Otherwise, follow inland from Cavaleiro, until seeing, on the right, signs for Zambujeira. One way or the other you will go by Entrada da Barca, a small fishing port with some good restaurants. From Zambujeira go to Praia do Carvalhal, following the road, now paved, sometimes dirt, that runs parallel to the sea by the cliff top. It is a succession of beaches with cold water but very beautiful. In your way to the national road (EN120, to Lagos and Sagres) you will also pass by Azenha, another picturesque fishing port with a few restaurants with fish specialties. Arrived to the national road, you are just a half-dozen kilometers far from Odeceixe. The beach is split at its middle by the Ceixe creek that makes the border between the Alentejo and Algarve. The river, the cliffs and sandy beach make this a place truly unique.


Access: By A2 till Grândola and by IC33 until Sines.


To have into account: This itinerary may show some traffic in August and during the beach season.


Length: Some 90 km.


Meals: Tasca do Celso (T. 283 996 753), in Vila Nova de Milfontes, O Sacas (T. 283 961 151), in Entrada da Barca/Zambujeira do Mar.


Other spots to visit: Castelo de Santiago do Cacém, Morgavel dam.

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