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Castelo do Sabugal
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Castelo de Sortelha


The frontier guardian

Situated at an altitude of 750 m in an elbow of Côa river, the city of Sabugal is placed in the borderline between the Iberian Meseta and the open valleys of Cova da Beira. The council has several river beaches and the Natural Reserve of Malcata Mountain is integrated in its area, one of the last strongholds of the Iberian lynx, sharing these lands with many species such as the fox, the wild cat or the wild boar. Apart from its great natural beauties, Sabugal presents plenty of important historical marks, as for instance the castles of Sortelha, Sabugal, Alfaiates, Vila Maior and Vila do Touro. These constructions overlooking the surrounding region are the living testimonies of the border wars that defended for years Portuguese nationality. You will find small rural one-storey houses in the historical villages and towns, revealing features of popular architecture with a plain language based on granite and schist. In present day, the city of Sabugal is an industrial centre that produces clothing, mills, marble and granite. However, the main economic activities are agriculture and cattle breeding, especially shepherd activity. Goat and sheep cheese production is a well-preserved tradition in these lands.


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