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Bulls and bullfights in Royal lands

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On the left bank of the Tagus river, the town and the council are closely related to the leisure time that many kings and nobles spent here, making donations, hunting and fleeing from plagues. Several Royal hunting areas were established here, since D. Dinis (who gave it the “foral” in 1295), the Master of Aviz and D. José, who "opened the sumptuous theatre where 35 operas were sung” from 1753 to 1792. Salvaterra Palace was built by D. Luís, son of D. Manuel, in 1514. The magnificent royal chapel and the falconry were the only buildings that have escaped a violent fire in 1824. It was also in this place of many bulls and bullfights that Count de Arcos, son of Marquis de Marialva, lost his life in the presence of D. José and Marquis de Pombal, consisting of the last Royal fight that was held here. In the surroundings of the council you will find the “concheiros”, local settlements, which were in the origin of the discovery of 7 thousand years-old vestiges of human presence. It is also worth highlighting Escaropim, a picturesque fishing village, and Salvaterra Dam, offering excellent conditions for sport fishing and nautical sports. In present day, the town still maintains a deeply agricultural-based economy, even though real estate business has developed greatly in recent years, due to its location near Lisbon.


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