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Land of contrasts between rivers and mountains

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The Benedictine abbess Columba (Comba), along with other nuns martyred during the assaults of the Moors, and the Dão River, which flows near the village, was in the origin of this city of Beira region, situated between far-reaching pine forests, mountains and two other rivers: Mondego and Criz. The city presents a harmonious urban planning, dominated by small squares and Medieval style streets with beautiful houses. The parish church is an interesting example of late Baroque architecture and the pillory can be found near the Town Hall building. Apart from council’s headquarters, you should also visit Óvoa villages with its beautiful main church, and Teixedo, surrounded by valleys and hills covered by trees. Since this region has highly fertile lands, the municipality has kept the rural characteristics of the past, as shown by old manor houses that belonged to the lords of these lands. Known for being the birthplace of António de Oliveira Salazar, a statesman who ruled the country in a dictatorship regimen, Santa Comba Dão is also sought by the tranquillity of Aguieira Dam, where you can fish, swim, practise water sports or simply enjoy the surrounding landscape.


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