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Paisagem em St.ª Cruz das Flores
Igreja da Sr.ª da Conceição
Igreja de S. Boaventura
Gruta dos Enxaréus
Cratera das Flores
Lagoa Funda
Paisagem em St.ª Cruz das Flores
Paisagem em St.ª Cruz das Flores
Paisagem em St.ª Cruz das Flores


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Capital of the westernmost island of the Azores, Santa Cruz das Flores is located on a small platform by the sea on the slopes of Monte das Cruzes. In its quite asymmetrical uneven coastline, there are numerous caves which surprise visitors, such as Enxaréus Cave, which was a hiding place for pirates, according to locals. The interior of the council looks like an immense green rug, cut here and there by craters of extinct volcanoes that, in some cases, turned into spectacular lagoons and calderas. This was what happened in Funda lagoon, the most impressive of the seven lagoons, surrounded by high mountains. Among municipal monuments, you should draw a closer look to the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, town’s main church, which began to be built in 1859, standing out as one of the most impressive of the archipelago, due to its big-dimensioned grandiose façade. Church of São Boaventura , housed in an old Franciscan convent, is now the Museum of Flores, whose collection depicts everydaylife in the island. It was built in 1641, presenting an interesting squared and plain front. Local economy was mostly fostered by agriculture, cattle breeding, floriculture and civil construction. In terms of gastronomy, there are many sea-related dishes, such as conger eel stew, marine algae pastries like “alga patinha”.


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