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Castelo de St.ª Maria da Feira
Igreja e Castelo
Igreja Matriz St.ª Maria da Feira
Igreja da Misericórdia
Parque Municipal da Casa da Quinta do Engenho Novo
Parque Municipal da Casa da Quinta do Engenho Novo
Estação Arqueólógica do Castro Romariz
Festa das Fogaceiras
Viagem Medieval


Tradition and modernity


Santa Maria da Feira is situated by the coastal line. This 186m high city is council’s headquarters, including 31 civil parishes. Historically speaking, the Medieval fair played a major role in fuelling the town’s development. This fair took place next to the castle’s mount. In 1985, the town became a city, and was named Santa Maria da Feira. It is an important industrial centre, mainly in terms of cork, metal, shoemaking, paper, ceramics, dairies and granite extraction industries. The city feasts in homage to São Sebastião occur on January 20th, municipal holiday since the 16th century. The council’s main highlight is Santa Maria da Feira Castle (National Monument), prior to Portugal’s foundation. Europarque, located in the surrounding area, became one of the most important congress and fair centres in the north of the country, offering a Science Museum as well.


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