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Textile city with ancient memories


Situated on a gentle slope to the river Ave, the city of Santo Tirso is the centre of a fertile agricultural region, but it is also one of the most industrialized cities in the country, especially in terms of textile factories. The settlement is prior to nationality, as shown by the fort hill Castro de Monte Padrão, but the following centuries also witnessed many historical events. For example, it was here that started the reform of the Benedictine monasteries, which began in the 16th century. Historically rich, the most famous monument of the municipality is an 8th century Benedictine monastery, which preserves the pieta sculpture signed by Frei Cipriano da Cruz. The city has grown around this area, which includes the Abade Pedrosa Municipal Museum with a collection of pieces that started in Pre-history, and is right next to the beautiful church. As you wander along the city streets, you must pay attention to the works of art that can be foun throughout the city. These pieces belong to the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture. Also worth mentioning are the 18th century façades of Largo Coronel Baptista and the characteristic "Brazilian houses." For those who like thermal stations, Caldas da Saúde are also excellent place to rest, now equipped with spa and health club.


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