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Wild mountains and healing waters

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Situated in the valley of Lafões at the confluence of Sul and Vouga rivers, the municipality of São Pedro do Sul is surrounded by lavishly green landscape of Arada, Gralheira and São Macário Mountains. In these mountains, small tows which seem to be lost in time still prevail, such as Manhouce, Covas do Rio and Aldeia da Pena that has preserved not only traditional schist architecture, but also the wisdom and the flavours transmitted from generation to generation. Town’s main attraction is, however, the famous thermal station complex, whose healing waters were already used by the Romans and D. Afonso Henriques, who would grant this land the “foral” (Royal document). In present day, these thermal stations are among the main thermal stations in the country, with an average of 25,000 visitors per year, equipped with modern equipment and several leisure facilities. The region is also rich in archaeological vestiges, such as the fort hills of Cárcoda and Senhora da Guia. The most interesting heritage exemplars in the council’s headquarters are the ancient Convent of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, the Chapel of São Sebastião and the grandiose manor house Solar do Marquês de Reviz. In the 20th century, Cine-Teatro São Pedro became again the main cultural centre of the town. The main gastronomic specialities are famous roasted kid à Gralheira, but also Lafões veal and homemade bread.


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