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Grutas de S. Vicente


Heavenly landcapes

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Situated in the northern part of the island, Saõ Vicente is one of the most populous councils of Madeira. Its name derives from a legend that St. Vincent has appeared in the mouth of the stream in rock cave. For this reason, the Chapel of São Vicente is a must-see monument, whose main characteristic is the fact that it was built inside a basalt rock in the 17th century. In terms of museums, the council is equipped with the Lime Eco-Museum and Museum House Dr. Horacio Bento Gouveia, a tribute to this writer, journalist and professor of Madeira. The Caves of São Vicente - the only ones Madeira - is another must-visit place, where you can walk for 20 minutes inside the Earth. These volcanic caves were formed when Paul da Serra was still in volcanic activity, and lava was not expelled, infiltrating in the rocks and thus creating tunnels in the subsoil. Madeira’s most traditional vegetation - the Laurissilva forest – can also be found here, as well as the “levadas” (water streams pouring from the top of the island to the cultivated fields) and waterfalls. Another important natural spot is Boca da Encumeada, situated at an altitude of over one thousand meters with a viewpoint that offers a view over the sea on the north and south side of the island, as well over the mountains of the interior of this Pearl of the Atlantic.


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