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Peaceful garden town

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Local inhabitants are known as “lizards”, already mentioned by play writer Gil Vicente, who may have lived here with the Royal court. This reference was immortalized by Gabriel Constant in a tile panel (1933) that exists in the outside of the Chapel of Espírito Santo, depicting a scene of “Tragicomédia Pastoril da Serra da Estrela”. Place of retreat of some kings and sought for its good air, the Sardoal invites to a walk along the streets paved with river rocks and always very flowery, leading to the discovery of a rich heritage – the house Casa dos Almeidas, the seat of the town hall, the library and museum; the house Casa dos Arcos and the Chappel of Espírito Santo and the Chapel of Senhora do Carmo. However, the greatest highlight of Sardoal is a magnificent polyptych (panel) built by the paintings of the Master of Sardoal (15th century), preserved in the main church, as well as the ceramics panels of the main chapel signed by Gabriel d’El Barco. The visitors of this town, situated between the Ribatejo fields and Beira Baixa regions, must also take a look at Misericórdia Church and Convent of Santa Maria da Caridade, founded by the Franciscan Friars in 1571. As far as shopping is concerned, we highlight the peculiar exuberantly coloured straw fans, which have almost disappeared.


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