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Nature and heritage

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Located at an altitude of 600 meters near Vouga river, Sátão is a quiet and serene location of Beira region, seat of a council crossed by the green fields and the darker schist villages. Sátão was granted the “foral” by the hands of Dom Henrique and Dona Teresa in 1111, but its past is much more remote, as shown by the dolmen of Casfreires and cave graves of Ourigos. In the city, there are several temples worth visiting, such as the Church of Nossa Senhora da Oliva, the Church of Convent of Santa Eufémia and the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Esperança, the guardian of a valuable pipe organ. As far as the remaining heritage is concerned, we highlight tower castle and the former Town Hall building, while in cultural terms Museum House Camila Loureiro exhibits an interesting painting and engraving collection. Also interesting is the Contige eucalyptus, the greatest tree in Portugal (in canopy, perimeter, diameter and height), classified National Monument. A final note to the excellent regional gastronomy, consisting of many traditional dishes such as pork meat, roasted kid in the oven or red beans with cabbage, preferably served with Dão wine, also produced here.


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