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Vila de Loriga
Alvoco da Serra com neve
Capela de S. Pedro
Aldeia do Sabugueiro
Barragem no Parque Natural da Serra da Estrêla
Anta do Carvalhal em Paranhos
Ponte na Serra da Estrêla
Ponte Romana de Sandomil


Villages, landscapes and mountain traditions

Located in the western foothills of Estrela Mountain overlooking the never-ending landscape, resembling a plateau, in the Beira Alta Region, you will find the city of Seia. Seia was the shelter of Viriato and the Lusitanian people; lived under Roman ruling; fell in the hands of the Moors, and was finally conquered by King Afonso Henriques. The council, partially integrated in the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela, has a great diversity of landscapes. The main examples are 1370m high Cabeço de Santo Estevão, Cabeça da Velha and Lagoa Comprida near Lagoa Escura, Lagoa Seca and Lagoa Redonda. Council’s economy is based on agriculture (producing potatoes, cereals, apples, pears and olive oil) and livestock and shepherd activity, which leads to the famous cheese Queijo da Serra. The industry (mainly textile) also plays an important role, along with tourism. In fact, Seia is one of the main cities of the mountain, well prepared in terms of tourism accommodation with several hotels and restaurants, and an interesting Bread Museum. In this museum, visitors can find out all about this product, enter an old-fashioned grocery and even have lunch, for the museum also has a regional restaurant. There are beautiful villages in the council, such as Sabugueiro (the highest inhabited church in Portugal), São Romão or Alvoco da Serra, where you will fin the most famous highlights of this region: shepherds dogs, cheeses, sausages and typical handicraft, especially made of wool.


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