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The capital of handmade cheese

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Serpa is council’s headquarters and it embraces seven civil parishes. It is situated in the left Guadiana riverbank over a wavy terrain, covered by olive trees, which keeps going up to Serpa mountain, in the south, and to Ficalho mountain, in the east. Human presence in this region dates back to Pre-History. However, Roman, Visigoth and Arab vestiges can still be seen today. In the council’s headquarters, an easily detectable small Muslim centre is one of its major highlights. It was given the “foral” (Royal document) in 1295. Nowadays, this typical white town is the heart of a rural zone that lives from cattle and agriculture. Serpa cheeses are made of sheep milk, standing out as probably the best handmade Portuguese cheeses. At Easter a great feast in honour of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe is held here, beginning at midnight on Saturday with the “bursting of the alleluias” and lasting until Tuesday (municipal holiday). Some museums evoke local past, agriculture-related traditions and instruments, as well as the clock history. In order to have a general view over Serpa and its territory, go up São Gens mount, next to the small chapel and the former pousada.


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