Serra da Estrela Natural Park

Serra da Estrela Natural Park
Location Rua 1 de Maio 2
6260-101 MANTEIGAS
County :Manteigas
Parish:Santa Maria

Covering an area of 101.000 ha, this park is the greatest protected area in Portugal. It is also an important tourism attraction, since it presents a grandiose landscape, snow in Winter and Portugal’s highest peak of Portuguese mainland (1993m), situated in the Torre (Tower). This area has the shape of a polygon, whose biggest axis is turned to northeast and southwest. The vertexes are Guarda, Celorico da Beira, Oliveira do Hospital and Covilhã. The central massif is the heart of the park, where you will find the Torre, the “Cântaros” (huge rocks situated immediately north) and Penhas da Saúde. U-shaped Zêzere Glacial Valley connects Penhas da Saúde to Manteigas, while Videmonte plateau is situated in the north top of the park, crossed by High Mondego river. The mountain villages Loriga and Alvoco da Serra can be found in the southwest valleys. The northwest slope stretches from Seia to the Historical Village Linhares with its Medieval castle. Halfway between Seia and Torre you will find Sabugueiro, the highest inhabited village of Portugal. In terms of flora, Portuguese broom, rockrose, black oak and juniper deserve a special attention The mountain is also a shelter for several animal species, such as common buzzard, fox, common quail, Pyrenean desman and otter. Wolves seem to have disappeared completely, but not the famous Serra da Estrela dogs that used to protect sheep and goat flocks. Estrela Cheese – Queijo da Serra – is the most renowned local product, even though the park also supports other traditional activities, especially the production of honey, typical sausages and rye bread.


Responsable: Instituto de Conservação da Natureza

Services available: Trails, Store, Picnic Area, Camping, Interpretation Center

Observations: There are delegations of Parque em Seia (Tel. 238310440 ), Gouveia (Tel. 238492411) and Guarda (Tel. 271225454).

Access: By car: EN 339 (National Road). By train: Express inter cities from Covilhã, Guarda and Castelo Branco.

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Localização Rua 1 de Maio 2
6260-101 MANTEIGAS
Parish:Santa Maria

If any of the information is incorrect, please send an email to lifecooler office


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