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Sertã has developed throughout the ages in the shadow of the castle’s tower, emerging as a white spot in-between green pine trees and olive trees. This town is crossed by two river streams (a big one and a small one) that meet in Rola mill, from where they flow together to Zêzere river. Wide forest areas of the so-called Pinhal zone, magnificent landscapes, numerous river streams that flow to Castelo de Bode, Cabril and Bouça reservoirs, as well as a delicious typical gastronomy are the region’s main highlights. It offers good natural conditions for nautical sports, hunting, fishing, caravan camping, mountain climbing and canoeing, providing an alternative perspective of tourism development to traditional industries of resin and wooden products. In terms of heritage, apart from the castle, also worth highlighting are the main church, Cabril and Carvalha bridges, set in beautiful landscapes. The historical village Pedrógão Pequeno, once council’s headquarters, deserves a special attention. Here you will find Cabril gorge and Zêzere river that make this beautiful landscape truly unique.


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