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Mountain and river landscapes

Sever do Vouga consists of nine civil parishes, and it is located in Arestal mountain, a profusely vegetated area, in the right margin of Vouga river. Its history is documented since the 9th century. It received the Manueline “foral” (Royal document) in 1514 and was definitively recognised as a council in 1898. Cabreia waterfall in Silva Escura and Quinta do Barco river beach in the margins of Vouga river in Pessegueiro do Vouga are worth mentioning. In terms or architectonical heritage, several archaeological vestiges stand out, such as Forno dos Mouros or Castro de Cedrim fort hill, as well as pillories, main church’s Baroque Calvary or several “alminhas” (small altars used for worship of the dead that could be found at the crossroads of rural paths) spread throughout the council.


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