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At the gates of the most beautiful coast

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Sines council covers a vast coastal area of Alentejo river, from Santo André Lagoon, in the north, to Pessegueiro island, in the south. The coast offers a diversified landscape of lagoons and dunes, rocky cliffs and far-reaching sand areas. A significantly large forest zone stretches to the inland. This traditionally agriculture and fishing-based region was radically transformed in the 70’s of the 20th century, when an industrial complex was built. It comprised an ocean port, an oil refinery, a petrochemical industry, a natural gas terminal, a dam, a wind farm and so on. This not always peaceful relation between nature and industry did not prevent the council to maintain a tourism-oriented strategy, especially in the upper north and in the south. Santo André Lagoon, situated in the north of the council, attracts several visitors with its peaceful waters and idylical landscapes. In the south, Porto Covo beach and cosy beaches that stretch to the south down to Vila Nova de Milfontes are the main highlights. In the council’s headquarters, the remains of the Medieval castle (where Vasco da Gama is said to have been born), offering a view over the leisure and fishing port and Nossa Senhora das Salvas church, a curious Gothic example of Alentejo region.


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