Sintra Cascais Natural Park

Location Rua Gago Coutinho 1
2710-566 SINTRA
County :Sintra
Parish:Santa Maria e São Miguel
Contacts Tel:210995478

Sintra mountain is one of the uneven mountain ranges of Portuguese coastline, delimited on the ocean side by the imposing cliffs of Cape da Roca. The Natural Park is a triangle, whose base ia the Cascais – Cabo Raso line and the upper vertex is Foz do Falcão, south from Ericeira. One of the sides is the coastline and the other is the uneven drawing from north to south through Assafora, São João das Lampas, Sintra and Malveira da Serra. Cascais council covers the south extreme of the Park, including Boca do Inferno, Guincho beach in the coastline and the mountain slope, where Malveira da Serra village is located. Sintra, situated in the north slope o the mountain, was classified UNESCO World Heritage Site. It stands out for its romantic-inspired buildings and parks, such as Pena and Monserrate palaces and their parks and gardens. Its beauty was sung by many poets, such as Lord Byron. This protected are can be divided in three main zones: the coastline, charcterised by imposing coastal cliffs, some beaches with an interesting dune system and mountain with lavish forest zones; and the agricultural area in the north, where dry stone walls still prevail in the landscape, delimiting agricultural fields. Prestigious Colares wine is produced here. The most spectacular spot of the coastline is Cape da Roca, Europe’s westernmost spot.


Responsable: Instituto de Conservação da Natureza

Services available: Interpretation Center, Trails

Access: By car - EN 6 - Cascais, EN 9-1 - Aldeia de Juso, EN 9 - Alcabideche. By train - Cascais and Sintra Stations.

If any of the information is incorrect, please send an email to lifecooler office

Localização Rua Gago Coutinho 1
2710-566 SINTRA
Parish:Santa Maria e São Miguel
Contactos Tel:210995478

If any of the information is incorrect, please send an email to lifecooler office


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