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Praia de Almograve
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Pego das Pias, S Luis, Odemira
Entrada da Barca, Zambujeira do Mar
Praia da Zambujeira do Mar
Forte de Vila Nova de Mil Fontes
Cabo Sardão
Farol do Cabo Sardão


Europe’s last wild coast


Alentejo is indeed a special place, offering endless plains, well-preserved cities and authentic customs and traditions. But what about the coastline, especially the vast Odemira council? It is a paradise-like coast both wild and welcoming, presenting highly crowded beaches with rocky cliffs, where you can enjoy nature in its purest state.


The Natural Park of Alentejo Southwest and Vicentine Coast begins south from Sines, stretching to the Sagres Point (in the Algarve), along the whole coastline of Odemira council. This is one of Europe's best-preserved coastline areas.


Along this far-reaching coastline, there are sand zones and high cliffy dunes. From Porto Côvo to the estuary of Mira River in Vila Nova de Milfontes, dunes are the predominant landscape. The rocky cliff landscape begins here, reaching its peak in the fantastic natural scenery of Cape Sardão. But there are also sandy areas like Almograve (20km south from Milfontes). Apart from the deepest calm, you can also marvel at the deep geological formations, shaped in ancient times. For instance, schist stones are placed horizontally, or turned 60 degrees northeast, but also almost vertically. Next to the lighthouse, the view is unforgettable.


South from Cape Sardão, the cliff is the king, only interrupted by small beaches opened by the waterline mouths, as for instance Zambujeira do Mar and Carvalhal. In this beach, Ceixe river stream sets the border between the Alentejo and the Algarve.


This cut steep coastline is also an important corridor for migrating birds, essentially birds of prey, like the short-toed eagle. It is also crossed by a significant dove migratory movement. Around 200 bird species have already been classified in the park, 30 of them breed in the Atlantic cliffs.


Vila Nova de Milfontes, located in the estuary of Mira River, is one of the liveliest seaside resorts of this zone. It is actually an exception, for the whole region is quite peaceful. Further south, Zambujeira do Mar attracts visitors from all over Europe, since it offers picturesque original beaches. The Southwest Rock Festival is held here every summer.


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