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Situated in High Mondego region, in an interior north zone, Tábua council has ancient roots, preserving some important vestiges, such as Roman path routes. Tábua has fertile soils that produce corn, wine, olive oil, chestnuts and cork, ideal for cattle breeding. Crossed by several water streams, such as Mondego and Alva rivers, Tábua is integrated in specified regions of Dão wine and cheese Queijo Serra da Estrela. Tábua has maintained a considerably interesting historical heritage. 19th century Santa Maria Maior main church preserves 17th century inspired altarpieces. Senhor dos Milagres chapel stands out as a curious original 18th century building. This town has also several wealthy ancient houses, as for instance the former Casa da Câmara, Casa dos Milagres or Casa da Família Soares de Albergaria. In Midões, there is also an architectonically interesting residential centre, dating back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Alva river beach in Mouronho and Penedo Oscilante (oscillating rock) in Póvoa de Midões are among the main tourism attractions of this council.


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