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Serra do Gerês
Miradouro da Calcedónia
Marina do Rio Caldo
Desportos no Rio Caldo
Cascata no Gerês
Cozinha tradicional
Marcos Miliários da Portela
Parque das Termas


Greenish mountains

Terras de Bouro council forms a sort of a long triangle, whose vertexes are Amarela mountain peak, in the northwest, Souto place (in the surroundings of the council’s headquarters), in the southwest, and Carris mines (east from Portela do Homem), in the northeast. The north track between Louriça and Carris matches the border with Galicia, while the south track follows Cávado river, setting the southern frontier of Peneda Gerês Nature Park. Besides, some of the Park’s most famous areas (Caldas do Gerês, Vilarinho das Furnas, Mata da Albergaria, among others) are situated in this council. It is a mountainous region full of deep valleys, opened by Cávado, Homem, Gerês and Caldo rivers. Some of them are profusely covered by dense vegetation and have a great botanical value, such as Mata da Albergaria. The population lives in stone villages, most of them with community traditions. If possible, agricultural works are carried out in open slope balconies. Sheep and goat flocks wander through Gerês mountain, where wild horses still graze (“garranos”). The name of the council probably stems from the transformation of the Portuguese word “mouro” (Moor), since this zone was highly disputed between Christians and Muslims for a long time. The “foral” (Royal document) dates back to 1514, granted by King D. Manuel I to the then called “Terras de Boyro”.


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