Through Terra Quente

A tour through the Terra Quente of Trás-os-Montes, between Vila Nova de Foz Coa and Barca d'Alva, by the Douro river, amidst vineyards and orange groves, and in late winter, the blossoming almond trees.

From Vila Nova de Foz Coa make the descent to Pocinho. Cross the river Douro, in the dam, and follow the direction of Macedo de Cavaleiros (IP2). The road goes along the river Sabor, transformed into a lake due to the rising waters from the nearby Douro, dammed upstream in Pocinho. To your left is the fault of Vilariça. Here are some of the most fertile land in our country. Arrived at a first bridge over the river Sabor and to the junction to Torre de Moncorvo, the river recovers its normal looks. Continue straight by IP2. Leave IP2 and go left, towards Vila Flor. At the heart of Terra Quente, you find this nice and well kept village which owes its name to King Dinis. Proceed by EN 215 towards Mirandela and turn left to Carvalho de Egas, EN 214. About a kilometer after the village, take the right on EN 324 until Vilarinho de Castanheira. Here begins the great descent to the river Douro. In the center of the village, go down by the left through a very sloped street, passing by the village of Lagares, to the Douro. Cádima is about eight kilometers far. Continue by the dirt road parallel to the river and up until Lousa. In Lousa go north towards Castedo. Next you will see the villages of Vide and Horta and 5 km later take the IP2 towards Pocinho. Continue and turn left to Torre de Moncorvo. The Parish Church, the Museum of Iron and the covered almonds are just some of the reasons to visit this city. Leaving Moncorvo, go towards Pocinho and this is the Reboredo mountains awaiting you through beautiful landscapes to Barca d'Alva. Turn left to Açoreira. About 4 km later take the right to Maçores. Continue towards Ligares. Cross the village and, after the cemetery, go straight to Barca d'Alva, the end of this route.

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